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Pupil Premium

The Government recognises that students from families living in economic poverty tend to do less well in school. To combat this, they have introduced the Pupil Premium as additional funding to support these students in school. Children with parents in the Services are also in receipt of funding but we recognise their needs are distinct from students from a disadvantaged background. By disadvantaged, we mean students who receive Free School Meals (FSM); who previously received Free School Meals (Ever 6) and Children who are Looked After (LAC).

At Lavington School, we have an inclusive, ‘every child, every chance’ ethos and aim to deliver high quality teaching and learning for ALL students. For as long as it is available, Lavington will use this funding to put in place ambitious and aspirational plans aimed at ensuring that disadvantaged students make the best progress they possibly can.

Mr Ben Taylor, Assistant Head, has oversight for vulnerable learners and can be contacted by email at b.taylor@lavington.wilts.sch.uk 

  Three Year Pupil Premium Strategic Plan