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Lavington School

EQUA Trust

Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

Lavington School received an additional catch up premium for literacy and numeracy for each year 7 student who does not achieve expected progress in the Key Stage 2 SAT tests in English and/or maths.

From September 2012 the funding has been used to subsidise additional support to help students improve their understanding to at least a level 4 in English and maths during year 7.

The final year of funding for this initiative was for the academic year 2019-2020 when the school received a total of £7,497 in funding.

The literacy and numeracy catch up funding has been used to support the following measures:

  • Year 7 Accelerated Reader programme with librarian support
  • Smaller class sizes for maths and English classes for lower ability students
  • Additional literacy and numeracy lessons in place of some French lessons
  • Small group intervention
  • Lunchtime support with teaching assistants for homework
  • Handwriting support offered to students on an individual basis
  • Paired reading support offered to students on an individual basis
  • Spelling support through the Units of Sound programme.

Monitoring and evaluating progress

  • As part of the Accelerated Reader programme, students have their reading age benchmarked and progress is continually monitored.
  • The students’ progress is monitored at least 4 times a year with results being shared with parents.
  • CATs testing is used to benchmark students at the start of year 7 and identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.