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Planning Futures at Lavington

At Lavington we feel it is very important that our students receive high quality, impartial careers information, advice and guidance which helps them to make informed choices about their next steps: for choosing GCSE and further education options and beyond.

We aim to make sure all students are well prepared to make the next steps into education, employment, self-employment and training and are fully equipped to make the right choices to meet their academic needs and aspirations.

We have a Careers Adviser, who offers one-to-one guidance and advice to all of our students concerning matters such as college and sixth form applications, apprenticeship advice, CV preparation and employment opportunities.

Our designated Careers Lead is Lucie Rutty, who oversees the Careers and Work-Related Learning of our students, ensuring that we are meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Careers Programme also has backing from our Governing Body.

All students will take part in a structured programme of Careers lessons during PSHE time. The programme is designed to help students to reflect upon their personal skills, qualities and aspirations; enable their careers research and support them in making decisions about their future. We are also committed to challenging stereotypes to ensure that all students are aware of all opportunities available to them.

We have created strong relationships with the local community, which allows us to promote all of the open events, taster days and training and apprenticeship vacancies that are available to our students.

As part of our continued Careers support, the school offers various events spread throughout the year, including: 


Meet our Enterprise Adviser!

Hello! My name is Stuart Moore and I have the great honour of being nominated as an Enterprise Advisor for Lavington School. In my role as an Enterprise Advisor, I will do my very best to help develop, shape, or add value to the school’s careers, enterprise and employer engagement strategy. I hope to use what I have learned so far, and the contacts I have made on the way, to compliment the school’s career plan and help you to make a more informed career decision that is right for you.

Here’s a bit more about me and what I do. I have oodles of experience (30+ years) as an employee and employer. I live in Melksham and have three boys (aged 25, 22 & 9), who I helped to guide through the maze of choices from GCSE’s, A-Levels and college to university. I worked as an Enterprise Advisor for Camborne Science & International Academy in Cornwall and was very proud to have them involved in the very successful UK Space Agency SatelLife Challenge competition, where students come up with unique and exciting proposals for how satellites could be used in new ways to improve the quality of life on Earth.

Since October last year I have been working for the Swedish Space Corporation as Head of Operations & Programmes where I lead projects to develop new and innovative solutions for space technology and services. I don’t get a discount at Ikea unfortunately.

Prior to that I worked for a cool Japanese company called Astroscale, where I developed their Spacecraft Operations in the UK and Japan ready for the launch of their ELSA-d mission, which is the world’s first commercial space debris removal mission and is due to lift off on the 20th March 2021 (watch out for that on telly).

Going back a little further, I worked for Avanti Communications and led the team of specialists that managed the health and safety of their fleet of geostationary communications satellites from an operations centre that we built on the iconic Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.

Back further still (am I really this old?) I spent 12 years as part of the team controlling the UK military SKYNET fleet (nothing to do with Terminators……..honest!).

Way, way back in time (oh my, yes I am REALLY this old!) I spent 15 years in the Royal Air Force, working all over the world from the Falkland Islands to the Shetland Island.

I’m incredibly excited to be working with you all and I can’t wait to visit the school in person and start to get to know you better. Hopefully I can inspire you towards a career in the space industry!

Useful links:

Choosing a career or job that is suitable for you is a difficult decision. However, there is a wide range of resources available to help you. Talk to your parents, family, friends and tutors for advice and guidance. You could also check out all the national information regarding qualifications, learning pathways, training, funding and much more on the resource companion

Job Explorer Database - a great place to start with hundreds of jobs, video articles and a questionnaire to help you decide what jobs may suit you.

iCould - Inspiration for your Career - designed to inspire and encourage. Articles and video articles giving you the inside story on a huge range of careers. This is a great place for discovering and exploring different careers.

Eclips - contains fact files about hundreds of jobs and allows you to browse by subject area too.  Password - SN10 4EB

Higher Ideas - a database of pathways through higher education including possible entry requirements, higher education providers and destinations for different subjects areas.  Access Code - ha2dnkmp 

Get involved! We are always looking to build up our contacts and connections with the local community. If you, as a parent or local business, would like to get involved with the delivery of our careers education and work related learning curriculum, get in the contact with the Careers Leader or Enquiries.

Our Careers Leader is Lucie Rutty who can be contact on l.rutty@lavington.wilts.sch.uk or by telephone on 01380 812352.


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